Saturday, January 18, 2014

Meme: Lucas Rides the NYC Subway

Who is Lucas, and why is his face plastered everywhere on ads in the New York City subway?

Valleywag wonders if Lucas, an Asian male who looks to be in his 20s/30s, should be representative of the 21st-century Everyman. Their conclusion, though, is No. Is it because Lucas is Asian?





Lucas buys a round.

Lucas does yoga.

Lucas rides the subway.

Lucas loves NYC.

Lucas likes to dance.

Lucas pays rent.

Lucas likes magic.

Lucas uses Venmo.

Sleuthing on LinkedIn, we’ve found that Lucas is “real”: he works at Venmo, a payment technology startup in New York City. (Here’s his LinkedIn.) And we found that “Lucas is a native New Yorker who loves his flip flops, NPR and milk (except skim, because it is really just white water). He is an aspiring climber and burger addict” from Venmo’s website. In the meantime, the netizens in New York City, at least those who have jobs requiring riding the subway, have taken note of him.

Again, on Valleywag, some folks show that they have some serious anger issues:


But, I think Venmo’s real objective is to make Lucas into an internet meme, which may actually be working. By the way, Lucas is cute, don’t you think?


Let’s flip it around and ask: what would happen on the internet if Lucas, instead of being an attractive Asian man, is a pretty Asian woman?

Images via Venmo

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